Rupa Goswami

Mystic Poetry: Rupa Gosvamin's Uddhava-sandesa and Hamsa-duta, trans, by Jan Brzezinski, xiii, 41, [4], 203 pages.

Excerpt from Uddhava-sandesa:

Mystic Poetry Image(5)
O friend,
since the day I left Vrnda's forest,
taken off to the city of Mathura
by the son of Gandini
on arrogant King Kamsa's authority,
the cowherd girls have been caught
within the burning circles
of fires of separation
and are able to preserve their lives
    only with the greatest difficulty.

There is amongst them
one who is the abode of my affection,
dearer to me than my life,
unequalled in all of God's creation
in the possession of the most potent sweetness.
She is able to carry the burden of her life,
so miserable since being distanced from me,
only by the grace of her friends
who console her with lyrics and logic. ...

"You made the excuse
that we would go to pick flowers,
and so brought me far away
to this forest bower;
now, you cheat, what is this song
that you are singing,
with that smile on your face?"

"Don't waste your time in worrying.
I am singing aloud to bring pleasure
    to the black dear of Vrndavana."

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